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Conventional loans are exactly what they sound like: simple and conventional. Designed for borrowers with solid credit history and the ability to put at least 5% down, conventional loans can be helpful for those purchasing or refinancing a home.

Borrowers with a solid credit history will be the best candidates for conventional loans. While the minimum credit score to qualify for a conventional loan is 620, typically with a credit score of at least 720 is needed for this type of loan to make sense. Traditionally, no more than 28% of a borrower’s gross income should be spent on their mortgage, and no more than 36% on all monthly expenses combined. For a borrower with ‘compensating factors’, individuals whose debt reaches 45% of their gross income can be considered. A loan specialist can help calculate these numbers to make sure you qualify. At least 5% of the down payment must come from the actual borrower, and any additional can be a gift from family. However, if a borrower is putting 20% or more down on a home, the whole down payment can come from a gift. Most every single-family home, condo, planned urban development, or townhouse can be financed with a conventional loan.

Starting the home buying process with a large down payment is a great first step in the home buying process. For those with a strong enough credit history, they may offer the lowest payments and fees. Conventional loans also offer the best insurance options for a mortgage, leading to lower monthly payments.

Call or email Oceanside Mortgage Company today to see if you qualify for a conventional loan. To help us help you, please have the following documents handy when you’re ready to process a loan. These include your driver’s license, the last 2 years of W-2 forms, 30 day’s worth of pay stubs, 2 months of recent bank statements, and your homeowners insurance page or agent’s contact information.

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